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A New Angie Amalfi Mystery:


Angie Amalfi's wedding--her Big Day--is on the verge of becoming her Big Mess. She had planned every detail of the day with the utmost care, wanting everything to be perfect. But now people across the city are literally dying to put the wedding on hold. A crazed killer here, a bumped off bride there. In her mind, nothing less than a criminal conspiracy must be at work to keep her wedding from being where and when she wants it.

Angie's fiancé, San Francisco Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith, the entire SFPD Homicide Squad, her friends and family all jump into the fray to help save her wedding plans. But as dangers and catastrophes grow faster than yeast-overloaded bread dough, Angie can't help but wonder if her Big Day will turn into her Biggest Disaster ever.

Supernatural Suspense:


One by one, a horror film director, a judge, and a newspaper publisher meet brutal deaths. A link exists between them, and the deaths have only begun ...

Archeologist Michael Rempart finds himself pitted against ancient demons and modern conspirators when a dying priest gives him a powerful artifact--a pearl said to have granted Genghis Khan the power, eight centuries ago, to lead his Mongol warriors across the steppes to the gates of Vienna. The artifact has set off centuries of war and destruction as it conjures demons to play upon men's strongest ambitions and cruelest desires.

Michael realizes the so-called pearl is a philosopher's stone, the prime agent of alchemy. As much as he would like to ignore the artifact, when he sees horrific deaths and experiences, first-hand, diabolical possession and affliction, he has no choice but to act.

The dark legends are true. To stop the artifact's evil Michael must follow a path along the Old Silk Road to a land that time forgot, and to somehow find a place that may no longer exist in the world as he knows it.

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Winner Top 10 Idaho Book Award


Over two hundred years ago, a covert expedition shadowing Lewis and Clark disappeared in the wilderness of Central Idaho. Now, seven anthropology students and their professor vanish in the same area. <click here to read more>


Learn more about the history & science--Idaho, Lewis & Clark, alchemy, Nicolas Flamel and much more--included in ANCIENT ECHOES at

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The Rebecca Mayfield Mysteries

Meet San Francisco Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield--a by-the-book detective, who walks the straight and narrow in her work, and in her life. And then meet Richie Amalfi, who's a little bit, shall we say, NOT by-the-book. But opposites can and do attract, and there are few mystery two-somes quite as opposite as Rebecca and Richie.

The second book in the series was recently released:

Two O'Clock Heist (A Rebecca Mayfield Mystery)

In TWO O’CLOCK HEIST, an old friend of Rebecca’s is found murdered in a town north of San Francisco. When the town’s local police connect that friend to a number of jewelry heists, Rebecca knows something’s not right. She's out of her jurisdiction and out of her depth when her inquiries send her smack into the deadly arms of the Russian syndicate.

She soon finds that Richie--who she sees as a charmer with an indifference to the fine points of the law--knows a little too much (or maybe a lot too much) about the people who are not only trying to stop Rebecca's investigation, but to stop her permanently. This only makes her question, even more, exactly who Richie is. But for now, he's the only person helping her in the face of threats to her life.

Rebecca's interest in Richie grows as the situation takes a deadly turn. Through him, she looks beyond hard evidence to the secrets at the heart of the case, and in turn, to the secrets of her own heart. But through it all, Rebecca has to wonder if she'll end up as dead as a cold Russian winter. Here's a link to: TWO O'CLOCK HEIST on Amazon.


If you missed it, you might wish to join them in their first full-length mystery adventure:

One O'Clock Hustle (A Rebecca Mayfield Mystery)

Rebecca arrives at the scene of a deadly shooting to find that the witnesses believe the killer is Richie. As a result, Richie’s on the run, and he runs straight to Rebecca to help him prove his innocence. She’s always been a by-the-book detective, doing her job without hesitation according to the rules … until Richie entered into her life. This story takes you from the nightclubs of San Francisco's North Beach to the scenic heights of Twin Peaks, where dangers lurk and more deaths happen. As Rebecca discovers there’s a lot more to Richie than she thought, and a lot more to like than she imagined, she soon fears not only for her life, but also her heart. Here's a link to: ONE O'CLOCK HUSTLE on Amazon.


ALSO: Read how Rebecca and Richie meet in the newly revised novella, THE THIRTEENTH SANTA.

Mystery sleuth Angie Amalfi's cousin, Richie Amalfi, and Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith's co-worker, Rebecca Mayfield, are the unlikely duo that star in this Christmas novella. When Santa Claus lies dead and flattened (as if he'd fallen from his sleigh) in the middle of a mall on Christmas Eve, Rebecca Mayfield is on the case. As she attempts to track down a van full of Santas creating havoc throughout San Francisco, a stranger pops up to help her solve the crime…and bring her some much-needed Christmas cheer.


KILLER TAILS: 8 Pawsome Mysteries, 8 Bestselling Authors

KILLER TAILS unleashes a kennelful of fun. Many of the reigning cats and dogs of mystery, all with a nose for trouble, are found in these furry tales of curious cats and daring (and darling) dogs penned by eight bestselling and award-winning authors: Carole Nelson Douglas, Carolyn Haines, Leighann Dobbs, Harper Lin, Connie Shelton, Pamela DuMond, Denise Dietz, and Joanne Pence. Plus, one of the tales—or tails—is a never-before-published novella by Carolyn Haines.
Humor and heart and deserving-to-be-treed baddies abound in this collection. Beware the paw!
Available for a limited time only.

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The Latest Angie Amalfi Mysteries:

Gourmet cook, sometime food columnist, sometime restaurant critic, and generally "underemployed" person Angelina Amalfi burst upon the mystery scene over twenty years ago. Her stories continue to delight readers around the world.

Cook's Christmas Capers

Double Dose of Holiday Mayhem and Mystery--two novellas, a new one "Cook's Curious Christmas" (also available alone, see below), and an older novella, "The Thirteenth Santa."

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"Cook's Curious Christmas"
A novella--
In this season of surprises, Angie gets a potent holiday punch when a powerful earthquake strikes San Francisco and sends her on a magic carpet ride straight into a stockingful of suspense. And just when she thinks her magical mystery tour can't get any stranger, she becomes the target of a serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area over forty years earlier. Angie needs to find a way to keep her merry Christmas from becoming a nightmare, not only to prevent it from being lights-out for Christmas, but also herself.

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Cooking Spirits: An Angie Amalfi Mystery

Culinary queen Angie Amalfi has put aside her gourmet utensils to concentrate on finding a place where she and finace homicide detective Paavo Smith will live after the wedding. Angie finds the perfect house for them, except for one little problem--the house may be haunted.

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Learn more about ALL the Angie Amalfi
Mysteries--Click here.


Contemporary Romances

The Ghost of Squire House
a much loved romantic fantasy

For decades, the home built by reclusive artist, Paul Squire, stood empty on a windswept cliff overlooking the ocean. Those who attempted to live in the home soon fled in terror. Jennifer Barrett knows nothing of the history of the house she inherited. All she knows is that she's glad for the chance to make a new life for herself.

A compelling, prickly ghost with a tortured, guilt-ridden past, and a lonely heroine determined to start fresh find themselves in a battle of wills and emotion in this story of love, time, and chance.

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Seems Like Old Times
powerful tale of love, loss, and second chances

Lee Reynolds is unprepared for the torrent of memories that fill her when she returns to her small hometown. She soon discovers that, as much as she doesn't want to be there, events conspire to cause her to finally face her past. The most difficult part of that past is Tony Santos. Little does she expect that her feelings for him are still so strong...or his for her. But it is possible to forget the past? Or if not to forget, to forgive? Both she and Tony have changed a lot. Yet seeing him, simply talking with him, she finds that in her heart, it seems like old times...

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romantic suspense in far away plac

C.J. Perkins is trying to find her brother who went missing while on a Peace Corps assignment in Asia. All she knows is that the disappearance has something to do with a "White Dragon." Darius Kane, adventurer and bounty hunter, seems to be her only hope, and she practically shanghais him into helping her.

With a touch of the romantic adventure film "Romancing the Stone," C.J. and Darius follow a trail that takes them to through the narrow streets of Hong Kong, to the backrooms of San Francisco's Chinatown, to the wild jungles of Borneo, as they pursue both her brother and the White Dragon. The closer C.J. gets to them, the more danger she finds herself in—and it's not just danger of losing her life, but also of losing her heart.

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Dance With A Gunfighter
Willa Cather Literary Award Best Historical Finalist

Gabriella Devere wants vengeance. She grows up quickly when she witnesses the murder of her family by a gang of outlaws, and vows to make them pay for their crime. When the law won't help her, she takes matters into her own hands. Jess McLowry left his war-torn Southern home to head West, where he hired out his gun. When he learns what happened to Gabriella's family, and what she plans, he knows a young woman like her will have no chance against the outlaws, and vows to save her the way he couldn't save his own family. But the price of vengeance is high and Gabriella's willingness to sacrifice everything ultimately leads to the book's deadly and startling conclusion.

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a tale of forbidden love

Turn-of-the-century San Francisco comes to life in this romance of star-crossed lovers whose love is forbidden by both society and the laws of the time.

Ruth Greer, daughter of a wealthy San Francisco shipping magnate, finds a young boy who has run away from his home in Chinatown--an area of gambling parlors, opium dens, and sing-song girls, as well as families grying to eke out a living. It is also home to a number of highbinder tongs, the infamous and deadly "hatchet men" of Chinese lore.

There, Ruth meets the boy's father, Li Han-lin, the handsome, enigmatic leader of one such tong, and discovers he is neither as frightening, cruel, or wanton as reputation would have her believe. As Ruth's fascination with the lawless area grows, she finds herself pulled deeper into its intrigue and dangers, particularly those surrounding Han-lin. But the two are from completely different worlds, and when both worlds are shattered by the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906 that destroyed most of San Francisco, they face their ultimate test.

[Revised and expanded from the previously published Gold Mountain.]

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