From the kitchen of Angelina Amalfi--


Prepare chocolate
Choose a light or dark chocolate. Suggestions: Lindt, Nestl‚, Toblar, Ghirardelli, either semi- sweet or milk (in bar or chips). Melt 2/3 of your chocolate in a double boiler. After chocolate is melted, add the other third portion of chocolate cut up finely and mix together. This will temper the melted chocolate and reduce its temperature to prevent spotting. If you use white chocolate and it gets too thick, stir vigorously to soften; if still too thick, add a little bit of vegetable oil to soften.


cook then mash 1 medium potato
2 T. melted butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 box powdered sugar
crushed peanuts (optional)

Mix potato, butter and vanilla. Add powdered sugar until mixture can be formed into balls. If it comes out too flaky, add more butter. It'll take a lot of powdered sugar. With butter on your hands, roll the mixture into marble sized balls and let them harden. Next, using two forks to hold the balls, dip them into the melted chocolate, cover them with chocolate, then immediately roll them into crushed peanuts--as few or as many as you wish (to taste).
Let harden on waxed paper.