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 The ANGIE AMALFI Mysteries


Combining mystery with humor, romance and food, in the first book in the series Angie has a food column in a small time newspaper, and when one of her recipe contributors is killed, Angie finds herself next on the murderer's menu.

"Pairing a homicide detective and a gourmet cook on a quest guarantees vast amounts of lunacy, shenanigans, murder, larceny, arms dealers, drug dealers, and people who write bad recipes. There is love, humor, romance, suspense, danger, a thrill or two, some interesting characters (including Angie's family), fodder for a richer fantasy life, and a lot of laughs in this series."                                 ---Mysterious Women

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Here is the series in the order the books were published. You'll see a variety of cover styles because the books have been reprinted many times. Click on each book cover for details.

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Make it Christmas all year long with COOK'S CHRISTMAS CAPERS. A double dose of holiday mayhem and mystery is presented with two novellas:

Cook's Curious Christmas

Culinary sleuth Angie Amalfi believes that not even Christmas should get in the way of preparations for her wedding to homicide detective Paavo Smith. But in this season of surprises, Angie gets a potent holiday punch when a powerful earthquake strikes San Francisco and sends her on a magic carpet ride straight into a stockingful of suspense. And just when she thinks her magical mystery tour can't get any stranger, she becomes the target of a serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area over forty years earlier. Angie needs to find a way to keep her merry Christmas from becoming a nightmare, not only to prevent it from being lights-out for Christmas, but also herself.


The Thirteenth Santa

Mystery sleuth Angie Amalfi's cousin, Richie Amalfi, and Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith's co-worker, Rebecca Mayfield, are the unlikely duo that star in this Christmas novella. When Santa Claus lies dead and flattened (as if he'd fallen from his sleigh) in the middle of a mall on Christmas Eve, Rebecca Mayfield is on the case. As she attempts to track down a van full of Santas creating havoc throughout San Francisco, a stranger pops up to help her solve the crime and bring her some much-needed Christmas cheer.

This novella was originally published in Mistletoe and Mayhem, in 2004, and many have been missed by many of Angie's fans. It has been updated for the e-book edition.


Try some of Angie's
favorite recipes

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Written by Angie fan Linda Shelnutt:
A Treatise on Angie Amalfi