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Ancient Secrets Series

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A long-lost diary, a rare book of ghost stories, and unrelenting nightmares combine to send archeologist Michael Rempart on a forbidden journey into the occult and his own past.

When Michael returns to his family home after more than a decade-long absence, he is rocked by the emotion and intensity of the memories it awakens. His father is reclusive, secretive, and obsessed with alchemy and its secrets—secrets that Michael possesses. He believes the way to end this sudden onslaught of nightmares is to confront his disturbing past.

But he soon learns he isn’t the only one under attack. Others in his life are also being tormented by demonic nightmares that turn into a deadly reality. Forces from this world and other realms threaten madness and death unless they obtain the powerful, ancient secrets in Michael’s possession. Their violence creates an urgency Michael cannot ignore. The key to defeating them seems to lie in a land of dreams inhabited by ghosts … and demons.

From the windswept shores of Cape Cod to a mystical land where samurai and daimyo once walked, Michael must find a way to stop not only the demons, but his own father. Yet, doing so, he fears may unleash an ancient evil upon the world that he will be powerless to contain.

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The Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mysteries


An eerie discovery brings danger and painful reminders of a tragic past ...

When some workmen dig up a skeleton, Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield finds herself investigating a homicide that took place years earlier. She never imagines that it will have major repercussions on the lives of people she now cares deeply about, or that it will put each of them in danger.

Despite the bitter memories resurrected, as a cop, Rebecca has no choice but to pursue the inquiry wherever it might lead. But that doesn't make it easier, especially when it's clear that the special man in her life, Richie Amalfi, wants her to stop.

Dangers abound, moving quickly from warnings to out-and-out attacks. The past is shrouded in mystery, but as the truth begins to emerge, it becomes apparent that one or more people are willing to kill to keep it buried. Yet, Rebecca refuses to abandon the case because the dead, although silent, do speak. And it's her job to listen.

This is a mystery you won't want to miss.

Join the growing number of Inspector Rebecca Mayfield fans, as the books proceed from One O’Clock Hustle, to Two O’Clock Heist, Three O’Clock Séance, and so on. Once you start them, you’ll find the hours just seem to fly by …

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The Angie & Friends Food & Spirits Mysteries


Gourmet cook Angie Amalfi-Smith is starting a new phase of her life with a husband and a home to call her own. But one old problem still plagues her: finding a job, or business, or anything, that will make her days productive and rewarding.

When she stumbles upon a fresh idea for a livelihood with her best friend, Connie, her culinary prospects begin looking up. But no sooner does she think that than her exciting new career takes a dangerous turn. Someone has apparently become obsessed with interfering in it. And now, with Satanic revelers, snarky sisters, suspicious friends, and possibly a serial killer on the loose, Angie wonders if, this time, her goose may be cooked ... for good.

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Just for fun ...


An Angie Amalfi Cookbook of Favorite Desserts


Cozy mystery book lovers have been treated to a steady diet of scrumptious Angie Amalfi culinary mysteries since the mid-1990's. The books are a banquet of mostly Italian entrees and desserts, as befitting Angie Amalfi's heritage. In this cookbook, you'll find fifty fabulous dessert recipes, including an easy tiramisu, a simple cannoli, lots of biscotti, as well as a number of non-Italian but still mouth-watering recipes such as almond praline meringue cake, linzer torte, and even some French macarons.

The recipes and the whimsical watercolors that go along with them are derived from family favorites of the cookbook's author (the award-winning USA Today bestselling author of the Angie Amalfi mysteries) and its illustrator (an award-winning watercolor artist), who happen to be sisters. They hope this unique and easy-to-use cookbook will become a permanent part of any cookbook collection.

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Other Books

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Dance with a Gunfighter

Historical romance, Arizona Territory 1880

Willa Cather Literary Award Finalist



The Dragon's Lady

Historical romance, San Francisco 1906



The Ghost of Squire House

Romantic fantasy



Seems Like Old Times

Contemporary romance



Dangerous Journey

Romantic adventure



The Battle for Chinatown

San Francisco History





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